Direction, in which window system development moves on, is desire to change heat conduction ratio for windows profile.

Energeto 4000 3DIn the vast majority of the buildings translucent structures form more than 20% of wall surface and limitation of thermal loss through them has a significant impact on overall energy characteristic of the building.  

Of course, glass has the greatest impact that determines the thermal characteristics of the window. However the frame profile representing about 30% of window surface also plays important role.  

Intelligent solution system became a reality. System without steel reinforcement inside profiles, structural components, that significally reduces thermal loss in the buildings – these are new advantages provided by Aluplast.

 energeto ® is new direction of thinking about efficiency of energy use as it provides removal of steel reinforcement previously used in profiles, which caused deterioration of thermal flows. In addition, by implementing of this technology, Aluplast meets expectations of manufacturers in optimizing production processes associated with windows.

Implementation of energeto ® task is possible due to combination of two Aluplast’s innovative technologies:

  • "bonding inside ", a special frame and glass connection technology;
  • "powerdur inside", a new type of frame, created in cooperation with BASF by usage of  plastic Ultradur ® High Speed, which replaces steel reinforcement that is used in ordinary frames.

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