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Aluplast 4000

Freedom of choice

5-chamber frame system with width of 70 mm, with an external seal.

Ideal  4000 is the next generation of the profiles that already meets the window standards of the future. They combine the latest technology and high comfort level in the house.

ideal_4000_big.png Firm structure of the profiles with width of 70 mm and large reinforcement provide optimal load of static parameters and allow producing windows of big size. Multi-chamber construction provides high thermal and sound insulation. Original and harmonious design combined with a wide variety of system solutions that offer unlimited opportunities for creating of windows and emphasizing of personal style.

Classic, elegant lines of slender profiles with different contours of frame designs are a guarantee of elegance. Also rounded window contours have a very attractive external view and ideally fit in with modern interior style. Different types of glazing fillets allow developing of more styles and producing windows of different size for a certain interior style.

Ideal 4000 is an ideal universal system that can be used in modern architecture and for the building of private and apartment house, as well for renovations. In the latter case the most important advantage is frames and folds of smaller width that increases the surface area of glass and allows more light to penetrate into the room.

The mains features of the Aluplast 4000 Round-Line plastic window profile
  • 5-chamber system with increased thermal and sound insulation.
  • Mounting depth of 70 mm.
  • Modern design, slanted or rounded inside and outside corners.
  • Ability to replace the seals.
  • Big chamber for installation of reliable amplifier.
  • Possibility of further installation of a device for controlled ventilation.
  • Wide range of colours.
  • Gloss surface of PVC profile.
  • Improved derivation of storm water (for zones of high atmospheric activity).

Aluplast 4000 drainage system

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