Protection of goods

Multilayer impact resistance glass able to protect property. Depending on the impact resistance class there are several protection levels that can glazing provide: 

  • Protection against attacks and burglary: destruction resistance caused by stone, acts of hooligans, premeditated attacks by persons straitened for time of criminal interference; 
  • Protection against special burglary: destruction resistance caused by organized raid, premeditated repeated attack attempts by persons with significant destruction means.

Multilayer impact resistant glass designed to reflect tamperings for maximum long period thus forcing ill-minded persons to abandon an idea of penetration into the premises that way.


Impact resistance class depends on the number and thickness of polyvinyl butyral layer in the glass unit structure.

Example of glass with burglar resistance functions:

Stratobel - multilayer safety glass of AGC. Multilayer anti-burglar glass with PVB layer.

Glass unit consists of two or more glass sheets joined by one or several PVB layers (polyvinyl butyral layer).


Glass unit structure predetermines impact resistance level, people and property protection class can correspond to several levels: accident protection (safety glass), burglar protection, bulletproof and exploisure proof (polycarbonate can serve as a constituent element of the glass).


Such glass improves sound insulation of the premises and provides protection from ultraviolet radiation.


This glass is produced using transparent PVB layer, as well coloured (opaque or transparent of basic colours) or decorative (a wide colour palette and wide variety of geometric figures is provided).


This type of the glass can be combined with variations of basic glass line of AGC Glass Europe, that allows to embody different functions in single glazing, for instance to add solar or reinforced thermal insulation properties or make glazing real beautification of the building.


Usage: fits for indoor and outdoor application, for single glazing performing and glass unit production.



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