Fire-resistant glasses

The fire-resistance degree is characterized by two main features inherent to flame-resistant glass:

  • Flame-resistance indicator (leakproofness, respectively lower thermal radiation transmission);
  • Fire protection indicator (leakproofness and complete isolation).
Example of flame-resistant glass:

Pyrobel-Pyrobelite - multilayer flame resistant glass.



Flame resistant glass Pyrobel, made from sheets of colourless polished glass Planibel and transparent layers of special material, in case of fire transformes into a kind of opaque screen, impervious to flame and combustion products that reduces or completely prevents heat transfer to the protected side.














The selection of flame-resistant glass is caused by:
  • Government regulations on fire security for this country
  • The type of glazing
  • Appropriate types of homologation for various constructions and sizes (for each country).



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