Wood-aluminum window
(Scandinavian type)

In addition to the typical single frame wooden-aluminum windows (the so-called German type), we offer also single frame outward opening wooden windows (the so-called Scandinavian type).


The outward opening window provides better protection against wind and rain which pushes the frame tight against jamb thus improving the insulation.


In addition, the outward opening window saves space, while the inward opening windows need extra space inside the room. This way you can place your furniture straight in front of the window, not blocking it. Outwards opening windows are most convenient for older houses, if the traditions and the previous opening directions are to be kept the same.


The windows’ frames and jambs are made of triple-layered glue-laminated pine, while the finger-jointed material is knotfree. Besides pine, we also use meranti, oak and larch. The profiles are jointed with mortice-and-tenon joints in the corners, and the glue-laminated timber ensures the structural stability of the wooden windows. The lower edge of the frame – the most critical part of the window – is protected with an aluminum profile.


The finishing materials we use are environmentally friendly water-based surface coatings – covering paints and transparent glazes. The windows can be fitted with a variety of ventilation devices and security elements, making them more secure. We provide long warranty for our products. Right maintenance ensures the windows and doors to provide warmth and light for many years.

There are many advantages of wooden windows:
  • Wide range of use
  • Windows made from traditional materials
  • Thermal insulation
  • No accumulation of electrostatic charges or dust and dirt
  • Windows can be repainted according to your needs and wishes
  • Aluminum gutters protect the lower part of the window from rainwater, thus ensuring the window’s longevity
  • Wooden windows create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere

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