Wooden window
(German type)

We manufacture the so-called German-type windows, singleframed wooden windows. Frames and sashes are made of three-layered glue-laminated pine. Finger jointed material is knot-free. Besides pine, we also use meranti – a red wood from Malaysia. Meranti has better moisture absorption properties, it is more weather-resistant than pine. Gluelaminated timber ensures the structural stability of a wooden window. In corners, profles are joined with mortice-and-tenon joints.


A wide selection of diferent profle systems and materials, decorative and glazing bars, additional and connection profles give plenty of possibilities to design diferent wooden windows.

It is possible to make round, arched, triangle and trapeziumshaped windows. As fnishing materials, we use environmentally friendly water-based surface coatings – covering paints, as well as transparent glazes. Windows can be provided with various ventilation devices and used for making your home safe. All windows manufactured by us have a long warranty. When properly maintained, windows provide warm and light to your homes for many years.


Wooden window frames and sashes have low heat conductivity. By using diferent insulating glass types, the window’s heat conductivity can be as low as 1,1-1,4 W/m2K.


The noise reduction Rw capacity of the common insulating glass window is ~31 dB. However, using special glasses, it is possible to achieve noise reduction Rw of up to ~44 dB.


Thanks to the poor heat conductivity of conifers (0,14 W/m2K), it burns slowly. A window with a fire-resistance glass will obstruct the fire for up to 60 minutes. Burning will not release toxious fumes.


All sorts of additional ventilation systems can be installed onto the windows. Brown, white or silver profles with neutral grey insect screen can be installed on the common
window. Decorative sash bars 25 mm and 45 mm wide are available for dividing and designing the window. If the dividing bars must be wider, mullion/transom should be


The material used and the quality of work guarantee the long lifespan of the windows. The UV-resistant fnishing keeps its look for long time. However, in order to preserve
the wooden window, it is still necessary to renew the outer finish every 5-10 years, depending on the location of the window.


Wooden windows have two main aspects increasing their safety: the right glass and the right ftting. Depending on the security level of -the windows, either two- or four-point security ftting system with lockable handle should be used. Security glass should be added for meeting the requirements of additional security needs.


Advantages of wooden and wooden-aluminium windows:

  • wide variety of usage possibilities
  • windows are made of traditional material
  • thermal resistance
  • do not accumulate electrostatic charges or additional dirt
  • windows can be re-painted according to wish and need
  • aluminium water drips are protecting the lower part of the window sash from rainwater, thus ensuring long life-time of the window
  • wooden windows create a pleasant room cslyim ate and co feeling

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