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Nordline window

Specially designed by ALUPLAST for the regions where strong winds often blow.

Window folds open outward. Such construction in a closed position helps to better keep warm in the house than the standard plastic windows that open inwards as under the wind pressure folds are strongly pressing to the frame and don’t let cold penetrate into the room.






Main characteristics:
  • the width of the profile 120mm;
  • Low height – 42mm for frame and 91mm for combination „frame-fold”;
  • Limited profile impact on the heat characteristics of the product;
  • Increased transparent part of the window;
  • Heat conductivity of the window profile combination Uf = 1.5W/m2К;
  • The width of glass unit up to 52mm for frame and up to 40mm for the fold;
  • Sound insulation up to 33 dB;
  • Possible hidden drain;
  • 4-5-chamber system;
  • Single contour sealing system;
  • Saving of classic style (wood constructions) during use.


Information is provided by Aluplast

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