Thermal insulation glasses

This function is extremely important, as it ensures glazing efficiency in the economical and ecological aspects (reduce of energy consumption for space heating, and, accordingly, adverse effect on environment) and reduce of thermal loss through the glazing. The lower is U value, the more efficient is insulating value of glazing.

Classic insulating glazing:

Ordinary glass unit as opposed to single glazing allows reducing heat loss by half in the room.

Glazing with reinforced thermal insulation capacity:

New generation of glass units for manufacturing of which is used the coated glass (Stopray, Planibel Low-E, Sunergy), compared to an ordinary single glass reduces heat loss in the room up to 5 times.


Glass units of new generation reduce emissions of CO2 to the atmosphere in accordance with the obligations of the countries as set out in Kyoto protocol. Currently these provisions are mandatory in many European countries and are included in new state standards.  

Some examples of the glass with thermal insulation properties:
  1. Stopray - glass with magnetron coating for protection from the sun and improved thermal insulation. Solar-control effect is achieved by a metal “selective” coverage.

    Duntes offices - Stopray glass

High level of light transmission, high solar radiation protection degree. Can be used in any climate: combines a high solar radiation protection degree during the summer season with a significant thermal insulation in winter.

Offered in different colours, entire colour range is characterized by a neutral appearance and low reflecting effect.


Application: only in glass units.







  1. Planibel LOW-E - assortment of glass with improved thermal insulation, manufactured by AGC. Single sheet glass with enhanced thermal insulation properties.

    Planibel Low-E glass

Enhanced properties: improved thermal insulation properties. Complete product line: glass with – solid coating (applied during manufacture of the glass by pyrolysis) or soft coating (applied on the finished glass by magnetron). Impact on the environment: low emission coating allows significantly reduce energy consumption and release of carbon dioxide.


Application areas: buildings, kitchen stoves and ovens, plant breeding….

Usage: sheet window glass – glass units – protective glass.



  1. Sunergy - glass with pyrolytic coating, combines anti-sun and thermal insulation properties with low light reflection.Sunergy glass

Unusual appearance and visual comfort: high light transmission, weak mirror effect and neutral appearance. Comfort inside the room: significant thermal insulation characteristics are combined with anti-sun properties.

Glass with solid coating (applied by pyrolysis on the product line of float glass) succumbs to a large number of processing of different type, including tampering. Synergy inspires architects to create extraordinary works without constraining the desire to increase the application area of the glass.



Usage: single glass – glass units – multilayer glass – tampered glass – enameled glass.




Information is provided by

Technical infosheet in PDF:


Planibel LOW-E


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