Safe glasses

Safety glasses can be divided into several groups. For instance:
  1. Burglar protection.

Safe laminated glasses provide several property security levels.

  1. People protection.

Protection degree from the effects of such nature is determined by the number and thickness of PVB layers in the composition of glass unit.

  1. Fireproof glass.

The fire resistance degree is characterized by the flame resistance indicator and fire protection indicator.

  1. Bulletproof glass.

Bulletproof laminated safety glass designed to withstand a certain amount of bullets shot from different types of weapons with usage of different types of ammunition.

Safe Glass Burglary retardant

Application area of safety glass:
  • Automotive glass (windows for automobiles and other transport).
  • Cabins of working machinery.
  • Glazing of marine and river craft, yachts.
  • Filler structures.
  • Balcony rails.
  • Glazing of skylights, glass roofs and mansard windows.
  • Glass for table tops.
  • Glass for interior decoration.
  • Glass protecting from UV rays.
  • Door glazing.
  • One-piece glass doors.



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