Since window is the weakest link of the thermal and sound insulation of the building envelope as compared with other constructions and materials in recent years glass unit more frequent is used as an integral window part. Due to high thermal and sound insulation characteristics glass units improve window sound insulation and reduce heat loss, make windows more beautiful, compact and easy-to-use. 

It is possible to use different glass in glass units. It may be basic clear float glass, decorative, special glass, tempered and laminated glass. Currently the choice of glasses is extremely large. This as well functionality has to be taken into account when choosing glass and composition of glass unit.

When choosing glass unit consider the following:
  • Glass unit heat-transfer coefficient K (measurement unit Watt/m2K)
  • Index of glass unit sound insulation Rw (measurement unit - decibel)
  • Ultraviolet radiation resistance, if necessary
  • Inner and outer glass properties on the part of solar energy absorption and reflection
  • Required protection degree depending on the location of glass unit and its purpose, namely, that the glasses are: protection against vandals and entry into the premises, bulletproof or blast proof, fireproof – prevent flame, additionally impede heat radiation, and when broken doesn’t hurt people
  • Thickness of glass and ratio of glass unit linear size so that glass unit apprehends the load of its own weight, weight of snow, wind pressure, etc.
You can choose different type of glass, for example:
  • Solar glass
  • Safety glass (property, people protection, fireproof, bulletproof, etc.)
  • Thermal/sound insulation glass
  • Visibility (light, transparency)

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