Reynaers TR 200

        TR 200 is a thermally insulated conservatory system made of insulated aluminium T profiles.


        The interior of the roof structure, the colour of which can differ from the exterior, can be given an extremely discreet appearance by allowing the T profiles to continue on the outside.


        The gutters are available in 3 styles: Renaissance, Functional or Ellipse. TR 200 can be combined with all window and door systems as well as sliding systems.


        The integration of flush roof vents is also possible (electrically-operated if desired).


        Style variants




        Min. visible width of rafter 70 - 99 - 128 mm
        System depth of rafter

        inside: 18 mm

        outside: 23 - 58 mm
        Slope 5° - 45°
        Rooftop 126° - 180°
        Glass thickness 6 mm до 40 mm

        Air tightness

        Up to 600 Pa (class 3)

        Water tightness

        Up to 900 Pa (class Е900)

        Wind load resistance

        Up to 800 Pa (class 2).



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