Reynaers CS 59Pa

CS 59Pa offers an extensive range of non-insulated profiles for the construction of elegant and moderately priced aluminium frames in functional style. Therefore CS 59Pa is the ideal system for outdoor applications in warm climates but it can also be used for the partitioning of indoor office spaces.


The system is available in inward opening windows and inward and outward opening flush doors.

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Style variants



Min. visible width inward opening window

Frame 49 mm 55 mm
Vent 31 mm 42 mm
Min. visible width inward opening flush door
Frame 61,5 mm
Vent 72,5 mm
Overall system depth window
Frame 50 mm 59 mm
Vent 59 mm 68 mm
Rebate height 25 mm 25 mm
Glass thickness Up to 35 mm Up to 35 mm

Acoustic performance

Rw (C; Ctr) ≤ 44 (-2; -4) dB, depending on the glazing type

Air tightness

Up to 600 Pa (class 4)

Water tightness

Up to 600 Pa (class 9A)

Wind load resistance

Up to 2000 Pa (class 5)



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