Used materials

Thanks to the lightness, firmness, durability and load resistance aluminium is the best option for the production of the doors, facades, atrium constructions, winter gardens and windows.


Surface treatment is very important for aluminium. As opposed to many other materials, it is done in special factories before the profile slicing. Only done in suitable conditions, under strict observance of technological requirements surface treatment provides a perfect look to aluminium construction during long time period.


We offer a wide range of profiles. In each case different profile types are used. You can acquaint with assortment in our offices.


In outer contour of the buildings it is advisable to use constructions with thermal insulation insert from so-called „warm profiles”. Together with special seals and additions they attach good thermal insulation to the doors, windows and other constructions and protect us from pouring rain, wind and noise.


Due to the fact that we produce thermal insulation profiles by ourselves by joint folding of semi profiles, we can produce doors with different colour of outer and inner side. Very popular are two-colour doors, for example: brown from the outside and white from the inside.


Aluminium products are firm, well keep warm, serve long and easy to care. Quality of the product is provided by the good trained employees, modern equipment, as well the use of qualitative profile systems and certified window units.

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    • Continuing our cooperation with a construction company ‘’VELVE’’, we are taking part in reconstruction works of the elementary school "Rīdze" in Riga at K.Valdemāra Street 2.

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