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Preparation of window opening and construction

Basis of qualitative installation at the design stage starts with measurements. Exactly at this time the dimensions of construction and correct sizes of side weld taking into account the thermal deformation of window construction must be defined.


Ensure that frame doesn’t exceed quarter more than for 40 mm.


Observance of the width of side welds does not cause difficulties in the buiding of new houses but during the renovation with replacement of the windows use special additional profiles to get the necessary width of welds or amend the opening of the window. However before you start using extension profiles first conform it either with assembling manager, either with sales manager. Amendment of the opening is generally performed by specially treated bars.


Depending on the configuration of the opening the suitable bars are selected and installed so that the vertical or horizontal deviation is ± 5 mm.  Wooden frame is aligned with fixture elements and is fixed with screws. The stage of window block fixation follows the fixture elements installation stage. Gap between wall and frame is sealed along the whole perimeter with glass wool or polyurethane foam sealant. When using this sealant pay attention to the fact that sealed dimensions do not exceed the dimensions indicated by manufacturer and expansion do not deform the frame.

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