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Weathering and windowsills assembly

The width of weathering sill should be selected based on the fact that „sill nose” should stand proud of the facade surface not less than 3 cm so that water wouldn’t get on the facade and not more than 6 cm (there is a risk of weathering breakage in case of too broad overlap). The length and structure of weathering should be selected in a way to prevent water of getting from the wall under the weathering.


If it’s not possible joints of wall and  weathering should be sealed with mastic. Fixation of weathering (regardless of weathering material) to the window mounting profile is performed by rivets or screws. Additional fixation is used differently in each case. The incline of weathering should be at least 5°.


Inside window sills are installed with the incline of 2° in the direction of the premises, for  the water diversion.


After window sill installation consolidate the lower part with polyurethane foam sealant. Window sill fixation is carried out by bearing components and polyurethane foam sealant. Additional fixation elements must be used accordingly to installation recomendations of window sill manufacturer.


NB! When you install weathering and window sill check if previously made sealing joints are not damaged.

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