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Two advantages that make windows safe – reinforced glass and secure fittings.


Glass – one of the weakest place of the window as it breaks from the blow. Compared to single glazing that was previously used in wooden windows glass unit is much secure. When glass is breaking down its fragments held by the sealant stays in the window that can be easily removed that is why such window can not be considered safe. In our windows burglar retardant are used glass units in which one glass is either tempered or laminated.


Laminated glass is used in windows if ordinary glass doesn’t provide sufficient security from unwanted invasion, from atmospheric effects or doesn’t withstand large mechanical loads. Usually two glasses are connected by firm and elastic PVB layer, clear or coloured or by using other way. Increasing the number of layers the laminated glass can be used for windows for the most important objects. In special cases two tempered glasses that are much stronger than ordinary glass are laminated together.


Thermally tempered glass represents the sheet glass exposed to special thermal treatment to improve mechanical strength and ensure secure destruction. Thermal tempering is performed in special ovens. When tempering increases the firmness of the glass to blows, fracturing and temperature fluctuations. Термическое закаливание стекла осуществляют в специальных печах. Tensile strength of tempered glass when broken can be more than 4 times higher than that of ordinary glass.  Tempered glass if broken will split into many small fragments which minimize the risk of injury. To increase safety  tempered glass can be used but it will still break from strong blow.


Therefore for protection from unwanted invasion it is better to use glass units of laminated glass, ordinary or tempered. To ensure safety in public places tempered glass should be used.   

Window fittings

Leading European producers of window devices were involved in security problem solving and have since developed a series of devices with different protection degree.   Such devices can be installed in our windows making them impossible to break by squeezing the glass from the frame.


The most important component of secure closing mechanisms is locking unit which consists of two parts: locking latch of the fungus form and jimmer of special float.  When closing latch of locking unit smoothly goes into the jimmer with thick walls and it’s not possible to release with the help of crow. Separate components of safe locking elements are fixed to the metal fittings with long screws inside the window box which further increases the security level.


In addition to the safe locking elements is good to use handles with locks. If needed you can fix handles with special key in close position that won’t allow burglar to open the window even after the glass is broken.


Number of safe locking units is defined by the need and your preferences.

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