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Preparation for window frame installation

Before installing exercise the building construction and pay attention to the following factors: 

  • the window size correspond to the opening (in the fisrt place – minimal width of the welds)
  • straightness of the openings and walls, the quality of the opening in the side weld area.

Also check the completeness of the frame and correctness of fittings installation.


After that remove folds, as well protective layers from the facade surface of the profiles (if the customer otherwise agreed) and install fixture elements (ifthe fixation through the profile is not used).


Bearing and spreader lements as well sealing must be installed so that they do not interfere with the thermal profile expansion. Forces acting in the window plane must be transmitted through the bearing elements to the building construction.


If the width of the window is more than 2500 mm or windows are ribbon in the bottom install the fastening brackets next to the impost and the subsequet with increment not exceeding 700 mm.


In case of ribbon windows use connection profiles to connect frames. Frames are fastened together or to connection profiles with screws, and mounting points are identical to the location of mounting brackets on the frame.


In case of wooden windows mounting brackets are fastened to the frame with screws.

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