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Window construction fastening

When window opening and frame are prepared, the load-bearing elements are being installed. It is important to correctly define the location of load-bearing elements. At the beginning of the window installation it should be put on the axes, horizontally and vertically. When installing load-bearing elements the thermal window size changes should be taken into account.

Change of the profile length under the influence of the temperature:
  • White PVC profile is up to 1,6 mm/m
  • Colour PVC profile – up to 2,4 mm/m

NB! Do not remove load-bearing elements during the use of window. Window frames should be installed horizontally and vertically. Before the fastening of the sash pulley the frames must be aligned and fixed in the opening with the wedges. After fastening remove installed mounting wedges so that they do not interfere with the linear widening of the profile.


After window installation and its control levelling it should be immediately fastened. Flat metal fastening elements are used for window fastening. Depending on the construction of wall the window fastening is made with construction dowels or assembly screws. The size of dowels (in the first place – the length and depth of penetration) should be chosen based on the recommendations of manufacturer. The minimal allowable penetration depth into the wall is 40 mm.


When installing large size window constructions first make preliminary assembly for vertical and horizontal alignment, for that purpose use temporary load-bearing elements. After alignment of sash pulley its final fastening with dowels or screws takes place.


The fastening of the window with screws and dowels through the frame also can be used. This is done in case when is not possible to stop up mounting brackets on the inner weathering during final finishing. Instalment step of mounting screws is the same as that one of mounting brackets. When drilling holes ensure that there are no damages of window construction and sealing and heads of screws do not interfere with closing the window.


After installation and preliminary fastening of the window control levelling and fastening of the construction is accomplished. After finishing of the fastening window frame has to be still in the opening, the gap should be eliminated before the sealing of the welds, as sealant is not considered inflated laying, hermetic, glue or sealing foam.


After checking the firmness of the construction install fold in the frame that was earlier removed from it. In case of PVC windows special remote inserts are placed between frame and fold to avoid deformation of the frame from the impact of mounting foam. After that the gap between wall construction and window frame fill with foam in accordance with instructions on the application of the foam. When mounting foam is fully hardened remote inserts between frame and fold are being removed and window frame are being adjusted according to the instructions on the use and care of the windows. 

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