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Condensate (water and steam) that forms on the windows usually disturbs a person. Why it occurs in cold weather on the edge of the glass unit? And this happens even in modern window frames and glass units with good heat engineering characteristics. The reason is very simple. The warmer the air the more it contributes the appearance of moisture. When it contacts the area of cold window the part of moisture in the air transforms into water. This is primarily the problem of winter when the outdoor air temperature is low. Yet the condensate can occur even in summer if the outside air is very damp but temperature in the room is relatively low. During winter condensate occurs on the inner surface of the window, during summer on the outside. If in summer it is an aesthetic problem, then in winter the condensate (and even ice crust) can damage the windows and weathering themselves.


Windows less isolate room from cold than the insulated wall irrespective of what energy saving glass is used in the glass unit. One type of the glass is used in different types of the windows in most cases and problem of condensate under unfavourable conditions may occur on all windows. If there is a steam inside the glass unit then the reason of that is its leakage. Then the glass unit has to be changed. If condensate and ice occurs on the glass from the room’s side it means that the air in the room is too damp. In the following text we will examine the above mentioned case.


Along the glass unit perimeter install remote aluminium frame. As a result the glass unit edge will be always very cold (provided that outdoor air temperature is below the inside). If the humidity in the room is too high then the steam in the air condenses in the direction of the coldest part of the glass unit. In case of low temperature water transforms into the ice. Later ice thaws and water flows down into the frame.


The reason why there is a condensate on one window, but there are no condensate on the other is a different level of humidity in the apartment. Unexpectedly condensate can occur on new just installed windows. At the same time if you remember the condensate on the old windows occurred less frequently. This may mean that new windows are more hermetic than old ones and ventilation of the apartment has changed for the worse after breathable old windows were replaced with new. It is important to avoid condensate and ice. Water flows between molding fillet and frame, between frame and sealing rubber. Frozen water expands and deforms them. This all forms a vicious circle. If the water does not freeze it still damages the window.


In accordance with building norms in all apartments and houses, in every room must be air valves or windows that can be opened. In the kitchen and bathroom they have to be connected with flow passage with a fan or taken out to the roof. Air valves should be open during cooking, bathing or laundering. Condensate forms exactly during these activities. Do not close them, until the condensate disappear form windows but rather keep them open all the time. Avoid using excessive air humidifiers.


In the apartment buildings where the upper floors have very bad natural air vent single mechanical ventilation on each floor should be installed.

How to prevent the occurrence of the condensate

You can by yourself in many cases keep temperature inside the glass as high as possible. First try to reduce the access of cold air. This can be done with air valves which regulate the air flow into the room. Then let the warm air move from the source of heat up the glass.


If, for example, there is a radiator beneath the window than provide sufficient air exchange between the sill and wall. To do this you can mill small holes in the window sill. 

In addition:
  • Do not close windows with heavy airtight curtains
  • Ensure adequate ventilation of the rooms, especially in damp places, such as kitchen, bathroom etc.
  • Power and location of elements or radiators should be such that they provide uniform temperature in all premises
  • Avoid too broad window sills as they prevent access of warm air to the window.
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