Warranty and guarantee services

The definite guarantee is given for all products manufactured by us.

In case of plastic windows – 5 years, wood and wood aluminium windows – 2 years, aluminium constructions – 2 years.


Repair works made during the warranty period don’t extend it.

In the following list the letter “А” means aluminium, “P” – plastic, and ”W" - wood

The warranty applies to:
  • Chemical durability of materials (P, А);
  • Window colour retention (P, А, W);
  • Resistance to the impact of light and atmospheric factors (P, А, W);
  • Firmness of window seals to the impact of atmospheric factors (P, А, W);
  • Firmness of window fittings (handles, hinges, locks) (P, А, W);
  • Firmness of the welds of the window profiles (P, А);
  • Window waterproof (P, А);
  • The glass unit tightness of becoming misted and dusty (P, А, W).
This warranty doesn’t cover:
  • If window surface damages, for example, scratches, dents, appeared after the customer accepted the products (P, А, W);
  • Failure to comply with guidelines for use and maintenance of the windows (P, А, W);
  • If damages were inflicted in case of vandalism or other physical impact (P, А, W);
  • Decorative laths, glued on the glass (P, А, W);
  • Decorative laths installed in the glass units of nonrectangular shape  (P, А, W);
  • If the thermal destruction of glass unit took place (P, А, W);
  • If windows are used for unallotted purposes (P, А, W);
  • If the repair and adjustment of the window was carried out not by ourselves, as well if you altered the window without permission (P, А, W).

Adjusting works if necessary are carried out 1 time in 6 months period after window installation. Additional works on adjusting of the windows are made in accordance with price-list. Adjustment of the window is not covered by warranty if you performed the window installation.

To submit a warranty claim please contact nearest sales office, having a purchase contract with you.

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